We had the privilege of putting our daughter, Anderson, into the care of Merewether Day Care from when she was nine months old, right up until she started school at five years old.

The standard of care and early learning from the tight team of carers and teachers are second to none. We were able to see the business grow from a small family day care of four children to a boutique early learning day care of sixteen children. It was beautiful to see the values, attention to care and learning, and the abundance of resources, to be carried through that expansion.

The pick-up and drop-off was ideal for our family as it worked better with our working hours and it meant the children could venture out on excursions to art galleries, parks, cafes, exhibitions, and learn from all of those different experiences.

Those early years are so very important and I can see the beautiful influence Merewether Day Care has had, and still has, on the development and growth of our daughter. Thank you. – Mike 

I’d firstly like to thanks Merewether Daycare for Clementine’s beautiful portfolio. It brought up many smiles, (happy) tears and laughter. Thanks again for this special keepsake. 

She was such a baby when she started with you and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her journey of settling in and making so many beautiful friends. Every day for 4 weeks over the break she asked for Bec-Bec and Shay, Ruby and Jed. After her first day back with Jed, she screamed his name in excitement when she saw me! It was beautiful. – Kathleen

Our 2 children, Ari and Knox both attended Merewether Daycare for a total of 4 years and during that time, we could not have been happier with the high level of service that was provided to both our children.

Admittedly, it is a very nerve-wracking experience trying to find suitable care arrangements for your children when you are faced with the prospect of returning to work. Not only are you concerned about how your children will adjust to being away from you but you also worry so much about how they will be treated by those that you are entrusting with their care.

When we visited the centre for the first time, we were instantly reassured by the warm welcome we received, which to us was extremely comforting.
In stark contrast to other facilities that can seem sterile, overwhelming and intimidating, Merewether Daycare had a lovely homely feeling. We were also instantly impressed by the first-class facility in which the Daycare operates, with a beautiful selection of equipment for the children to explore, including instruments, dress up costumes, building materials, puzzles and Montessori toys.

Another wonderful and unique feature provided by Merewether Daycare was the carefully coordinated collection and delivery of children door-to-door by the Merewether Daycare cars. Not only was this a huge convenience for busy time-poor parents but it also enabled the children and their educators to venture out on exciting excursions and be immersed with the local communities attending numerous parks, galleries, museums, cafes and shops.

We as parents received daily diaries, informing us of the wonderful adventures the children would be involved with each day with customised learning programs developed by the educators to complement each child’s specific interests, abilities and skills with a high level of attention to detail provided to every child.

We were constantly reassured that our children were loved just as much by their carers as they were at home which was proven by the abundant smiling photos we received and all the stories we would hear from the children and the educators about their eventful days. The educators also all went above and beyond looking after the children at the centre alone but were also more than willing to discuss any other concerns that you may have had regarding your child, providing generous after hours’ support and advice.

Interaction between the other families within the community attending the facility were also highly encouraged and fostered by Merewether Daycare, enabling socialising opportunities outside the centre, giving the parents and children additional opportunities to form strong connections and friendships and for many of us, these are still ongoing.

Our involvement as part of Merewether Daycare could not have been more a more positive and wonderful experience for both our children and also for us as parents. With an outstanding level of care, compassion and commitment from the team of educators towards caring for and educating our children into strong young confident and independent individuals. We never doubted that they were in the best of hands. – Rachael and David