School Readiness

Montessori Newsletter

Dear Parents

I hope you will see the incredible amount of learning your children are involved in through play. We provide materials, challenges that development a child – leading eventually to school readiness from these fun experiences that enhance their level of curiosity, consistency and create confident learners. These are the building blocks for Primary School.
It was interesting to attend a conference last weekend on child care and the presenter talked about school readiness in terms of life skills that are essential for surviving at primary school. She told us there is an increase in the number of children fainting in lower primary schools which have been traced back to the children not being able to open their own drink bottle and not being able to open and unpack their snack and lunchboxes.
These basics are the most crucial parts of school readiness. I’m so glad we have children bring their own lunchboxes and drink bottles and at a very early age many of our children are quite independent in this regard. The life skills are the key to handling what happens at primary school. If your child is a preschooler – can they take off their own jumper, put it on if they are cold, take off and put on their shoes and socks, pack their bag, know their address?
Learning to count and know their alphabet comes easy at school if they are prepared, independent capable individuals. Don’t miss teaching them the basics! In October we will be sending home a school readiness program for parents to use to ensure over the coming months their child is ready (and just to reassure the parents that they are ready for big school. Having said all that we recommend that children do not start primary school until the year in which they turn 6 years of age. By then they are able to cope with the challenges presented and not one of the young ones in the classroom.
With Kindness
Merewether Day Care